Extra! Extra! Boston Guild members have a new contract.

After three years of negotiations, the membership of the Boston Newspaper Guild voted in favor of a new deal that keeps important bumpers on outsourcing, preserves essential workplace protections, and maintains The Globe’s high-quality standard of journalism.


The past three years have been tough—but our readers stuck with us. Thank you for supporting us through these negotiations and helping keep journalism alive in New England.

Boston Globe employees prevail in effort to secure new labor contract

Boston Globe employees have prevailed in their effort to secure a new labor contract. The membership of the Boston Newspaper Guild concluded their week-long ratification vote on Friday evening, announcing that the majority of members voted in favor of a new deal that keeps important bumpers on outsourcing and that preserves essential workplace protections.

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Senator Markey Statement in Support of Boston Newspaper Guild

“I stand with members of the Boston Newspaper Guild and their fight to secure a fair labor contract,” said Senator Markey. “All of the workers at The Boston Globe and STAT News – from journalists, to security guards, to administrative and delivery staff – support the effort to produce the highest-quality journalism. These workers are ensuring a strong democracy, informed communities, and a healthy economy throughout New England.

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Joint Letter to Boston Globe Executives

In any field, turnover hurts. Training new staff takes time and money, and valuable institutional memory is lost when longtime employees leave. In journalism, turnover means losing staff who have built up years of contacts and relationships. The loss of that familiarity reduces the quality of the news produced — which reduces trust among readers.

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What We're Fighting For

Speaking truth to power is key in today’s journalism. Courageous journalists at The Globe help keep readers informed of today’s critical stories. If reporters can’t write an honest account without fear of repercussions, the quality of the paper will go down.

Readers benefit when reporters and newsroom staff can take risks to report cutting-edge or controversial stories. Having a transparent and fair disciplinary process is one of the only ways that reporters can write a controversial piece without fear of being fired.

Newsroom consistency means readers can expect reliable coverage of issues despite changing state and municipal administrations, shifting public perceptions and evolving information. Fair wages and benefits are essential to retain experienced journalists for the type of dependable journalism Boston Globe readers rightfully expect.

Boston Globe readers rightfully expect the highest standards from the paper that brings them excellent regional and national daily coverage, and investigative stories in the Spotlight series covering in-depth reporting on secret courts, the coverup of abuse scandals in the Catholic church, racism in Boston and more.

The right to a safe and healthy workplace is essential, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Reporters and newsroom staff deserve adequate protective supplies, clean workspaces and remote work when possible.