BBJ: Labor Tensions Simmer

On November 18, the Boston Business Journal covered the Boston Newspaper Guild’s open letter in their article, “Linda Henry to take reins at Boston Globe as labor tensions simmer:”

“Linda Pizzuti Henry, who has held the title of managing director at the Boston Globe’s parent company for the past seven years, has been named the chief executive, taking the reins of the company just as tensions between employees and management appear to be at a boiling point….

“Just hours before Linda Henry’s announcement, the union that represents 300 employees on the Globe’s editorial and business teams issued a scathing memo criticizing both Linda and John Henry for the Globe’s ties to the national law firm Jones Day, which has been under fire nationally for its work representing the Trump reelection campaign in what many see as baseless lawsuits alleging voter fraud and misconduct.

“Jones Day, known for representing media companies in contract talks and for taking a tough stance in trying to remove many longtime protections for newspaper employees, was hired in late 2018 to oversee negotiations between the Globe and the Boston Newspaper Guild. The two sides have not agreed on a contract since the last one expired more than 22 months ago.

“The letter from BNG to John and Linda Henry says, ‘We believe you should reconsider your relationship with Jones Day, an association that has already damaged our journalists’ trust in your leadership — and which we fear may also damage our readers’ trust in the Globe at a critical moment…. This continued relationship with Jones Day poses a conflict of interest and raises serious ethical concerns for our journalists that cannot be ignored.’

“The letter also says many journalists have ‘expressed dismay about what they have viewed for months as a misallocation of resources to the controversial law firm at a time when they believe those resources should be used to retain journalists and bolster journalism at the Boston Globe for the benefit of its readers and the public good.’

Matt Rocheleau, Boston Globe reporter and BNG recording secretary, said in a statement that ‘Guild leadership has heard from many members who are deeply concerned by the Globe’s close ties to Jones Day, and management’s silence on the matter thus far is telling….'”

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