The Henrys Must Now Settle An Ugly Labor Dispute On Their Own

On WGBH on November 18, Dan Kennedy reported on the BNG Open Letter:

“….The Henrys must now settle an ugly labor dispute on their own. Earlier today the Boston Newspaper Guild, involved for quite some time in acrimonious contract talks with management, issued a statement ripping the Henrys for using the law firm of Jones Day, which critics say has a reputation for union-busting.

“That’s not new. What is new is that Jones Day has been involved in representing Republicans in their attempt to overturn the results of the presidential election. ‘How can the Globe’s political journalists be asked to continue to endure such workplace attacks from the very law firm whose actions they are now reporting on and investigating?,’ the union’s letter asks….”

Read the full WGBH article:

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